De ondernemer centraal bij Economische Zaken

De gemeente Almere wil, in samenwerking met haar partners, ondernemers optimaal faciliteren opdat zij een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan de gewenste groei van arbeidsplaatsen. De focus ligt daarbij op een gunstig vestigingsklimaat voor bedrijven, werknemers en werkgevers, de beroepsbevolking en de arbeidsmarkt en een volwaardige culturele en toeristisch-recreatieve infrastructuur. De kracht van de en ondernemers samen met de kracht van burgers en de stad zelf, staan hierbij centraal.

Internationalisering Almere

De gemeente Almere is al tientallen jaren internationaal actief. Dat blijkt bijvoorbeeld uit de vriendschappelijke banden met onze partnersteden Aalborg in Denemarken en Kumasi in Ghana en de intensieve contacten met steden als Milton Keynes, Shenzhen en Taipei. Voor de organisatie van de wereldtuinbouwtentoonstelling Floriade in 2022 breiden we ons internationale netwerk de komende jaren nog verder uit met steden, kennisinstellingen en bedrijven.

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Information about Almere

From the moment of its establishment in 1976, Almere has been one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Since its initial development as a suburban area east of Amsterdam, it has grown into the status of Holland ’s most exemplary new town. In just 36 years it has attracted over 195,000 residents and 14,500 businesses. Almere is the largest city in the province of Flevoland and the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. This website contains a wealth of information about the city, its ambitions, its corporate sector, its facilities and the opportunities that residents, businesses and institutions alike can seize in order to actively turn Almere into the full-fledged sustainable city it seeks to becom

Business in Almere

Almere knows that entrepreneurs need adequate municipal services, a truth that applies to both existing and new businesses. This is why the city works hard to create a favourable business climate, what it refers to as ‘excellent hospitality’. We do this by optimising our service desk for entrepreneurs, but also by maintaining an ongoing dialogue with entrepreneurs in our municipality. We actively involve them in our efforts to improve the business climate and we process their requests and applications promptly. Entrepreneurs contacting us with questions concerning, for instance, accommodation or employees can count on us to help them.

Almere offers plenty of space for the realisation of industrial premises and offices. It meets all the preconditions that ambitious companies and entrepreneurs may have, including easy accessibility and a rapidly growing labour force. Almere is a boomtown in many respects, being the 7th largest city in the Netherlands, and Flevoland is the only province not anticipating any population shrinkage in the coming decades. As part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA), Almere is located between two international airports and near the Port of Amsterdam, and features a multitude of highways, railways (six stations) and waterways. The city currently offers some 80,000 jobs and is working hard to create new ones. Almere has a relatively young population. The town is popular with expat families and has a small but active international community. It offers primary and secondary international schools without waiting lists and an excellent quality of life with shopping, healthcare and leisure facilities throughout the city. WTC Almere has an active international business club.

Are you a newcomer interested in doing business in Almere? Whether you’re a multinational, an institution or a sole trader starting up, Almere is keen to assist you. Tell us your plans!

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Quality data sheets

Our quality data sheets describe the current situation at each of the city’s business parks from both a spatial and an economic perspective. For each park, multiple map layers provide information about zoning plans, plot details, availability, year of construction, business types, traffic infrastructure, green areas and water supply.

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The Ondernemersplein Almere  (Entrepeneurs square Almere)

The Ondernemersplein Almere is one of the first in the Netherlands, located in the town hall, where you will find the important municipal services for entrepreneurs and there key partners such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Employer Service and Placement Service, etcetera.

Here you can ask questions about all business matters such as registration in the register of Chamber of Commerce, expansion and establishment questions, permits, financing, internships questions, ask employees, business and innovation.

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Expat information